SciencePribor supplies scientific equipment for biophysical and biomedical laboratories located in Russian universities and academic institutes. We cover a wide range of products including equipment for electrophysiology, imaging, and cell culture.

One thing that makes SciencePribor distinctive is that in addition to the personnel in Russia our team also includes a group of scientific experts –these are active research scientists that work in top universities and research institutes worldwide. Our experts are fluent in both Russian and English, and have extensive practical experience in modern biophysical, biochemical, molecular biological and cell biological techniques. Each of our customers is always looked after by at least one expert with the most relevant background.

This unique company structure allows us to greatly facilitate communication between Russian scientists and manufactures of scientific equipment and provide the full spectrum of services including:
• Professional design of complex experimental set-ups optimal for specific scientific needs of our customers
• Professional integration of modules/parts produced by different manufactures
• On-site delivery and installation
• Organisation of guarantee and post-guarantee services

If you wish to expand your business to Russia and become one of our partners please contact us for more information.

• Patch-clamp electrophysiology
• Confocal and Multi-photon microscopy
• Wide-field fluorescence microscopy
• Fluorescence life-time imaging microscopy.
• 3D image analysis

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